- Larry B

This is my true testimonial as to what happened after I started taking you Legendary Colloidal Mineral Formula. For five years I have suffered with swollen lower legs and feet. During that period of time I was treated by various doctors and had taken many different kinds of prescription drugs to reduce the swelling in my legs and feet but to no avail. On the second of January, 2002 and acquaintance living in my area gave me a bottle of your mineral formula. I took one cap full every morning in orange juice. On the twenty-second of January, 2002, I awoke and happened to look at my ankles and found that they were of a normal size. On the twenty-third I had an appointment with my primary care physician and he also found my legs and feet to be normal in every way. His comment was, I don't know what your are doing but keep it up. I am not longer on any other medication for the swelling. While I don't know how this happened either, I know the only thing I changed in my lifestyle was I started taking T.J. Clark's Legendary Colloidal Mineral Formula, and the swelling in my legs and feet have gone away.

- Daniel L

I just wanted to tell you of some incredible results I have experienced using your Colloidal Minerals. There are few things in life that I have found that really have a true healing effect. With a Masters Degree in Biochemical Engineering I have spent over 20 years working in hospitals and have found few medicines that promote true healing. Most medicines are pallative and have many side-effects.
I have concluded, after using your Colloidal Mineral Formula, that there is something very awesome working here and it should be investigated more deeply by the medical community. The first time I took the minerals. I immediately felt their effect on my body. It was like something very good going through my body. Nothing negative whatsoever! Both my wife and I are very sensitive to how our bodies respond to any type of vitamin or medicine or food of any sort. We both felt the same good feeling!
My hair also felt thicker and places where it was thinning and falling out seem to be growing more hair. I suspect there are a lot of other positive effects on a deepr level as I believe the outside of the body reflects what is going on inside. I ran out of the minerals for a few weeks and I noticed the effect reversing slightly. Thus I suspect that your mineral formula is providing essential minerals that are needed by my body and that I am not getting from my diet even though I eat very healthy. So I thank you and I will continue to be a faithful customer as I continue to explore what it is that I am not getting in my diet that your formula is providing.

- Greg Tilton

I wanted to share some of my experiences since I started taking T.J. Clark's Legendary Minerals two years ago. I became interested in mineral supplementation after I had two knee operations on my left knee. The surgeon told me I would always have arthritic symptoms due to the removal of 40% of my meniscus cartilage. I experienced the arthritic condition for more than a year; the pain in my knee becoming so great that I was unable to climb a flight of stairs without the support of the hand rail. Excessive clicking and popping in the knee joint along with persistent pain were my everyday experiences. A friend gave me the "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" tape, and I immediately started looking for the authentic mineral source that was referred to in the tape. Once I determined that Clark minerals was the source, I ordered a gallon. Within 3-4 weeks my "arthritic conditions" improved to the point that I attempted some long walking as well as jogging. Today I'm jogging 12-15 miles a week with very little discomfort.
Additionally, other pains and discomforts which I had, have been substantially reduced, and I have an overall better sense of well being. I wanted all of you at T.J. Clark to know how grateful I am that I found your product and have experienced the many benefits the Clark minerals have provided for me and many of my friends.

- J.J. Lecompte

In the past I have suffered from muscle cramps throughout my entire body, and no doctor was able to help me. One day my chiropractor gave me a bottle of your Legendary Minerals to try. After two days my body cramps were much better. I am very thankful for your product.

- Louise Corollo

Five years ago I had a very serious heart attack, pronounced dead in the ambulance on the way to the hospital where I was revived. My heart condition was and is congestive heart failure, cardiomyopathy, angina and a very enlarged heart, all the ailments the doctor talks about on "Dead Doctors Don't Lie."
A friend of mine at Gateways in Gai sent me the tape about your Legendary Minerals. I was sold immediately & started taking the minerals 2 days before Christmas. It is now June, and I just found out that my heart is regenerating. Thank you so much for the minerals - all my friends are taking them now.

- Mary Longo

Thank you for introducing Larry and I to your Legendary Minerals. We originally started getting the minerals because Larry was having such a hard time with a bad disk in his back, and we had heard that they might help. We were willing to try anything. I took the minerals too just to try them. I was very surprised as my hormone imbalances seemed to disappear. Whoever is putting this product out - thank you very much.

- Ronald Lyons

Thanks for a great product. I started to feel stiff in the knees, and did not feel like doing work around the house. Tried a capful of your Legendary Minerals right from the health food store. A couple hours later, I felt great! No stiffness in joints and plenty of energy. Keep up the good work, and thanks for the special place you for the minerals.

- Judy Hogge

I am grateful for your Legendary Minerals. I just had my 7th baby - while I was pregnant with her I became very ill. I was in the hospital for 10 days with a kidney infection. After returning home from the hospital, I was still not feeling very well. I couldn't eat, and I was extremely dehydrated. I received some of T.J. Clark's Legendary Minerals and decided to give them a try. My appetite returned to full in 3 days & it took a little longer on the dehydration. I believe that had I not been able to take your product, I would have lost my beautiful little girl and may have died myself. I believe in this product.

- Ada & Ray Mikesell

In July 1950 I was stricken with an illness which caused me to lose so much weight I was reduced to skin and bone. My ailment was pronounced sclerosis of the liver, a very serious condition which affected my heart and caused an accumulation of liquids in my body. Besides this I was affected by what is know as anemia. My condition became so serious that everyone, including my family and physician, was convinced that there was no hope for my recovery. My eyes were sunken in my head, my skin was yellow and I was given but 3 months to live.
After I began taking your Legendary Minerals, all pain left my body. Within 7 months I was pronounced completely recovered, and I am now able to eat anything I wish, and I might add, I feel as though I have been reborn or completely rebuilt. My color is normal, I sleep well, I have no pain and I can truthfully say that I have not felt so well since I was 20 years old, and I am now 52.
I attribute my complete recovery to the use of T.J. Clark's Legendary Minerals. My doctor is baffled and amazed at my miraculous recovery.

- Claudia Payne

It occurred to me you may not know why we are such ardent fans of your Liquid Minerals. We do screen testing of the blood for circulatory disorders - especially erythroyte aggregation (RBC clots in blood) & have found that your Liquid Minerals resolve the problem in most people in 10-20 min. It's the best product we have seen for circulatory problems of this sort. We have & the results can be clearly seen in the microscope with a second sample of blood.

- Ellie Crawford

For many years, I had severe gum disease and needed yearly gum surgery despite regular dental care. Coincidently, my chiropractor recommended that I would benefit from Clark's Legendaryminerals, and I began taking the liquid each morning. Three months later when I had my regular
dental cleaning, the dentist happily said that I must have found a better way to care for my gums - but I had not made any change! As we talked about it, I realized that one change had been adding the minerals.
Later my physician said that I should use a scientifically prepared mixture of minerals and I thought that would be alright. A few months later, my dentist exclaimed about how bad my gums were again! I changed back to the Legendary Minerals and have not needed any gum surgery for over 10 years.

- Elmer Fusselman

My regular doctor, along with two other consulting doctors diagnosed my condition as angina, low blood pressure, very anemic, low thyroid and an arthritic problem. I was extremely nervous and depressed. During this time I was living in the state of Missouri.
In August, I moved to Pennsylvania and was introduced to T.J. Clark's Legendary Mineral Formula, which I began taking on September 1, 1984. Within three days I began to feel some changes taking place, as I was less nervous and was not having as much pain in my arms and shoulders. I was steadily improving to the point where I began doing little things around the house and could soon do without the pain medication. Now, four months later, I can walk a mile without tiring. I can lift and do almost anything I want. I am now free of pain and have a good appetite which I had not had for months. The anemic condition I have had for many years has also disappeared. My complexion now has color and my hair has changed back to its normal color of dark brown and grey. I no longer have the thyroid problem.
I can highly recommend it to anyone who is not feeling up to par. If it can bring an 83-year-old man from an almost invalid to good health, then I think it is the greatest health oriented product anyone can take.

- Hazy Oberski

I wish to thank for my husbands improved health and the additional energy that he has experienced since taking your Legendary Minerals. Colloidal minerals were recommended to us, and after researching different companies who carried them, we decided that yours were the best on the market.
My husband could not believe the difference in his health since he started taking your colloidals. He had an arrhythmia problem for years, and the result was being tired all the time, plus the anxiety of knowing that his heart was not functioning properly. He would have episodes that he described as "the life was draining out of him," and he would feel like he was going to pass out. After only 90 days my husband's heart has into a normal rhythm, and he has not had another episode since. We are overjoyed and feel that your company deserves ALL the credit.
Thank you for making it possible for all of us to improve our health with the help of your Legendary Minerals.

- Jimmie Tucker

I am 50 years of age, retired military and work as a mechanic for Mesa Public Schools. In 1978 I was diagnosed as having rheumatoid arthritis; told to take 16 aspirin a day (480 a month). I was then put on 600 mg of Motrin 3 times daily, again it became less and less effective.
Last October I was introduced to something I was very skeptical about, but with encouragement from my wife agreed to try it. In 3 days my joints stopped aching, in 7 days I could bend and touch my toes, sleep all night and bounce out of bed in the mornings. I had 90% of my "normal" mobility. It has now been 3 months, and I feel 35 again instead of 80.
My wife and I are so enthusiastic about this marvelous discovery that we have introduced several of our friends to it with astonishing results. Immobile shoulders are now movable, without pain, stiff deformed fingers are now moving again, elbows and knees now are almost pain free.
What is this marvelous thing?
It's a combination of natural minerals in distilled water called T.J. Clark's Legendary Mineral Formula.

- Suzann Stoney

I had a bad toothache on one of my upper molars. It hurt really bad. I decided to try T.J. Clark's Legendary Minerals on it.First, I took a q-tip and stuck it in the minerals. Then I rubbed the q-tip all over my gums, as well as all over the tooth on both sides. Then I went to bed.By morning the toothache was gone! Just to be sure that the pain would not return, I did the same thing both morning and night for the next few days. The pain has not returned since that time.

- Steven Dimeo

I would like to share my personal testimony with all of your staff and anyone of interest. I was diagnosed with M.S. about 2 years ago. I had tried some so-called "colloidal minerals" with no avail. I was then suggested by a nutritionist to try Clark's Original Minerals, at about the 3rd week of taking this product I began to have more energy. I went from sleeping 10 hours nightly with a nap in the afternoon, to 7-8 hours nightly with no nap. I was less depressed and started taking less anti-depression medication. I started to feel balanced for the first time in my life. As a result of these great feelings, I went back to work after almost 2 years off, and I began a new career selling your product to the many health food stores throughout California. I still take the minerals everyday and I feel "great!"

- Michael and Susan

We started using T.J. Clarks liquid minerals approximately seven years ago. Michael suffered a knee injury, resulting in surgery. He was told by the physician after several months there was nothing further they could do for him, he was supposed to live with the discomfort and limp at the age of 42. A family member suggested he try the liquid minerals. The discomfort and limp ended shortly thereafter. This product has enabled him to continue living the busy life he chooses. If he forgets to take them for 3 or 4 days, I notice him limping and inquire if he has forgotten his daily dose. We have no intention of ever discontinuing the use of this product.

- Joyce Hummel

My name is Joyce Hummel, and I am 70 years old. For the past year I have noticed much soreness and swelling in my knee joints. In my home in Sandy, Utah, I have 13 steps going to my basement. I go up and down those stairs many times each day since my washer and dryer are down there, along with all my food storage and our family room.
I was to the point where I had to take the steps one at a time and it was very painful to go up and down. I also had a hard time scrubbing my floor or just getting up and down on my knees.
In October, 1997, our friends, the Hopkinsons told us about T.J. Clark's Legendary Minerals and the difference their daughter had seen with the arthritis she had in her hands since she had been taking it. I thought it would be worth a try to see if it would help me.
Within a week I could feel a difference in my knees. I used two bottles of the minerals and ran out as I was no longer in St. George where I could get them. My knees once again began to hurt. Christmas was an especially bad time since our family of 30 has a Christmas dinner and party in the basement.
Since January 1st I have been using the mineral water regularly, and today there seems to be no swelling in my knees and no pain or discomfort. I can go up and down stairs with ease and also make a very tight fist with my hands and fingers. I am so glad I was told about this product. Thank you T.J. Clark.