Scientific Proof

The legendary colloidal mineral formula has been sold worldwide for more than 90 years. This on its own is remarkable proof of the outstanding quality of the T.J. Clark mineral formula. T.J. Clark mineral formula is sourced from a mineral concentrate, derived from the current T J Clark mine.

Furthermore, a BIO-ELECTRONIC TEST done by Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, well known biophysicist and professor at the Kaiserlautern University in Germany. (Transcript of letter from Dr. Gotffried Lange of Elmshorn, Germany, dated January 18, 1992, describing the protocol used in the test done on the product Clark’s Original Mineral Formula). In these tests “acetabularia mediterranea”, some algae from the Mediterranean Sea is used.
These algae are so sensitive to ecological influences that barely any of these algae are left in the Mediterranean. The test, using this form of algae, is a scientifically recognized method of determining whether a substance is toxic and to what degree a substance is beneficial.

Acetabularia with Clarks Original Mineral Formula N.B. (20 value) Wavelength 400-680 nanometres

Benchmark Tests Clark Minerals Added
First DayFirst DayAfter 3 Days


1.4ui Mineral

0.4ui Mineral







1. The first two bars of the graph show the photon emission of the cells which had an optimum vitamin nutrient solution, called “100% V*”, given to them. The green bar measures the photon emission at the start of the test. The following yellow bar shows the photon emission after a period of three days without additional nutrients given to them.
2. The second set of two bars shows the photon emission of cells given only a 10% V nutrient, and after the three-day period are termed as cells under “great stress”, and without further nutrients would die.
3. The third set of two bars were again only given the 10% V solution, but a 1.4 ui of T.J. Clarks minerals was added to the solution. A significant improvement is shown, even though there was only a 10% V nutrient given.

4. In the fourth set of two bars, again only a 10%V solution was added and the amount of Clark’s minerals was reduced to only 0.4 ui. The improvement was even greater, showing that vitamin utilization is greatly enhanced when the Clark Minerals are given daily. Then even smaller amounts have a compounding and synergy effect.


This test has proven that the low vitamin level of 10% is fully compensated and even more energy output of the cells have been noted. This test has revealed that the product increased the life (electrical) energy output of cells beyond what had previously been established as optimum. This was considered a very significant result and corresponds with the experiences of practitioners and the many testimonies that have been observed by users of the product over the last 90 years.
Colloidal minerals provide a valuable tool to treat the many trace mineral deficiencies seen in today’s population without causing concern for potential mineral toxicity. Noted benefits in supplementing the diet with our plant derived trace mineral supplement are; increased vitamin absorption from foods, maintaining a healthy body, increased flow of vital energy and enhances the uptake of other nutrients from supplements. These mineral compounds are not found in any other known source and may be considered medicine for the 21st Century.
All living organisms emit certain electromagnetic waves. If they are in a healthy condition, they emit more. If not, they emit less. This phenomenon is common to all forms of cells. This electromagnetic emission is called biophotons.