Private Label Colloidal Minerals & OEM Supplements

Manufacturer of the Original Colloidal Minerals from the authentic T.J. Clark 1920 discovery. Allow us to formulate, design, and bottle your private label colloidal minerals and other supplements. We also manufacture OEM supplements and can act as your fulfillment house.
FDA standards for the nutritional supplement industry are very strict. While other companies claim to follow GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), T. J. Clark and Company strictly adheres to the latest FDA draft proposal for the dietary supplement industry.
T. J. Clark’s private labeling division is the best in the business. Our bottling equipment, warehouse floors and storage facilities are bacteria-free, and checked on a daily basis to make sure they stay that way. Our production facilities and manufacturing practices set the standard for others to follow, and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with the highest quality products and packaging.