Liquid Supplements Vs. Pills / Capsules

Did you know that when you take nutritional supplements in the traditional tablet or capsule form your body only assimilates 10-20% of the nutrients, and that figure drops as we get older?
This means that 80-90 % of ingredients contained in pills are excreted or eliminated by the body along with waste. At most, 20% of supplements taken as pills or tablets are absorbed by the body, according to the Physician’s Desk Reference(page 1542, #49) a highly respected medical guide for doctors. Here are the facts:
Liquid vs. Pills
Quickly Absorbed by Body Minimal Absorption by Body
High Concentration of Nutrients Limited Range of Ingredients
Wide Range of Ingredients Minimum Results
In 5 sec. into bloodstream Needs Digestion at First
Easy to take even for Kids Causes Difficulties to swallow
98% Absorption Rate 10-20% Absorption Rate
Research has shown that our bodies have trouble digesting and absorbing the processed and compacted nutrients contained in pill form. The Physician’s Desk Reference contains research that proved that only a small amount of the nutrients in supplement pills are absorbed into the human body.
In contrast,the Physician’s Desk Reference states that the absorption of supplements in liquid form is 98%! Liquid supplements work by getting absorbed directly into the bloodstream making them up to 10 times more effective. Liquid supplements are; assimilated into the bloodstream faster, gentler on the stomach and easily digestible because the body does not need to break them down to absorb them like it has to do with pills.
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