Discovery Of A Phenomenon

The following is a synopsis of Tom Clark's discover of the Sacred Spring

From the garden of life , here in the pristine desert wilderness, hidden from view for literally millions of years, lies one of nature’s most valuable treasures. Not silver or gold, something far more precious the very Life Source of elements combined by Nature to provide the components needed by the human body to create and maintain optimum health. This great treasure was discovered in 1920 by T. J. Clark and today remains with T. J. Clark & Company, a family owned business. The phenomenon that Tom Clark discovered is held as a sacred trust for the benefit of families all around the world.

Following the spring’s path led Tom to a series of phytogenic deposits. These materials were later verified by the U. S. Interior Department as deposits of plant origin. The Department’s geological dating methods showed them to be over 100 million years old. The deposits contains molecules of uniquely preserved mineral compounds from unique prehistoric plants. This historic site now belongs to Tom’s grandson, Thomas “Tom” J. Clark Jr. on his ranch, appropriately named, “Last Chance Ranch.”
Tom began giving his farm animals water from the Spring. They experienced a variety of health benefits which he attributed to the delicate mineral matrix. Seeking to concentrate the water, he developed a leaching process to extract and concentrate the delicate molecules into pure water. He began giving his mineral formula to those in need. The feedback that they provided, coupled with his personal experience, was the cornerstone of his research. Word of mouth spread the news across the country about Tom Clark’s phenomenal discovery. Stories were being told everywhere that Tom’s formula was healing ailing people as well as their farm animals.
Tom spent the rest of his life investigating his phenomenon and working with researchers. By the time he died, T. J. had created the world’s only phytogenic colloidal mineral formula.* His legacy continues through the work of his grandson and namesake, Tom, who is currently President and CEO of T. J. Clark & Company.
Tom spent his early years working with his grandfather. The years spent traipsing along with T. J. taught him valuable lessons in finding, extracting and processing T. J. Clark’s Mineral Formula. The lessons went well beyond making a formula. T. J.’s principle objective was to help people in need. Tom learned his lessons well and today continues his grandfather’s scientific research in order to further refine and enhance his legendary mineral formulas. Today the primary focus is to precisely identify these unique, highly complex mineral molecules and the unique synergy created between them. It is the complex interactions of the elements over millions of years, combined with a proprietary processing method that provides the active ingredients in T. J. Clark Colloidal Minerals. As time passes, more and more trace minerals are being recognized as essential to metabolic function. Many knowledgeable scientists are working to understand the reason for this formula’s remarkable effectiveness in so many areas of nutrition.
T. J. made history when he introduced this amazing phenomenon to the world. Once upon a time, Tom’s formula was the only one called Colloidal Minerals. Today there are many products called colloidal minerals. Unfortunately many people are led to believe it was the “Colloidal” part of the formula that made Tom’s formula work. Today we know that nothing could be further from the truth. It is the delicate structure of the molecules themselves and the synergy created between them that are the “active” ingredients of the formula. In order to duplicate this formula it would be necessary to precisely duplicate the individual molecules and proportionately combine them. This is well beyond the ability of competitors.

Today, T. J.’s original discovery is still owned by Tom Clark and his family. The family corporation, T. J. Clark & Company, based in St. George, Utah, is recognized worldwide as the providers of the only product of its kind. The only colloidal mineral product whose efficacy is supported by over 100 years of effectiveness and safety. T. J. Clark Minerals contains every single element a body needs to maintain perfect health.

A screenplay of Tom’s life and times was written in Hollywood and later adapted to a radio play. While anyone who knew Tom would not recognize him from the voice portraying him, the historical record is reasonably accurate.