About Us

Liquid Vitamins & Minerals, Specialty Formulas for the Whole Family

For over 100 years’ families like yours have trusted T. J. Clark products for their liquid dietary nutritional supplement needs. T. J. Clark holds the original source patent for “Colloidal Minerals” and our Colloidal Mineral product has become one of the world’s most imitated but never duplicated nutritional products.

We specialize in liquid dietary health supplements, giving you and your family a choice in what supplements to take and the ability to adjust dosage for your nutritional needs.

In the Beginning...

From the garden of life , here in the pristine desert wilderness, hidden from view for literally millions of years, lies one of nature’s most valuable treasures. Not silver or gold, something far more precious the very Life Source of elements combined by Nature to provide the components needed by the human body to create and maintain optimum health. This great treasure was discovered in 1920 by T. J. Clark and today remains with T. J. Clark & Company, a family owned business. The phenomenon that Tom Clark discovered is held as a sacred trust for the benefit of families all around the world.

A Prehistoric Phenomenon

This mine entrance leads to one of the most remarkable of all the earth’s riches. Through this portal lies the mineral-rich bed of plant compounds buried millions of years ago by the forces of nature, preserving the storehouse of elements that gave rise to the largest and most resplendent plants ever seen on earth. This is the entrance to the T. J. Clark mine, the only known source of Polyfloramin™ ever discovered.

Skilled Miners

Going deep within the earth, highly skilled miners retrieve the precious mineral rich deposit and bring it to the surface, where these unique mineral compounds can be extracted. Using the most modern equipment but employing only natural techniques, the minerals are coaxed from their 100 million-year-old bed. Once they are properly prepared, they are “leached” from the ore using nature’s own method, a flow of pure, cool water. The minerals then begin the process of once again becoming the components of natural chemical compounds that are the building blocks of life.

Quality Control

Our Multi-Check System Insures Quality
Carefully monitored every inch of the way, T. J. Clark’s Colloidal Mineral Formulas are bottled, sealed and delivered in the most natural state possible. In over 75 years of uninterrupted service to customers seeking relief of every kind, we have learned how to preserve the delicate balance of these intricate mineral compounds throughout the handling cycle.

Innovative Processing

Specialized equipment is specifically designed to handle the many delicate processing cycles.